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Employee spotlight: Beth

Many of our customers will know Beth, who’s just retired after many years of loyal service. But did you know she was born in Trinidad?! Find out more about Beth in the first of our regular Employee Spotlights.

Where and when were you born?
Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies, in 1944.
Favourite subject at school?
Started work at AFB?
Easter 2002
What you like best about working at AFB?
The customers and team work.
Favourite quote or personal mantra?
Horses are dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle! (Oscar Wilde)
I’m happiest when…
I’m with my family and friends.
I’d like to be famous for...
My sense of humour!
What do you like to do on days off?
Catch up with neglected chores, shopping, cooking and gardening.
Favourite meal from AFB?
Grilled smoked haddock.
Top three life highlights:
Cooking, socialising and reading.
If you were stuck on a deserted island what three things would you bring?
A comfy bed, a box of matches and probably the Bible.
Your dream holiday destination and why?
The Italian Lakes for the scenery, the food, the weather, the people and the language.
You’re happiest when?
I’m with friends.
Your favourite movie?

Any musical.
Any advice for new starts at AFB?

Be punctual and always wear clean, ironed clothes!

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