Freshest Ingredients

We only use the freshest fish, caught and hand-filleted locally by our own small local fish processing business to deliver the taste, texture and aroma which have made Anstruther Fish Bar and Restaurant so famous.

Our family have been East Neuk fisherfolk for hundreds of years, so we know a thing or two about selecting, preparing and cooking premium Scottish haddock, halibut, sole or any of the range of fresh fish regulars and specials which are so popular with locals and visitors.

And the same passion for fresh, locally sourced ingredients extends across our multi-award-winning menu.

Our chips are hand-prepared using only the best-quality potatoes. Great care is taken to select the variety with the best flavour and texture – grown exclusively for Anstruther Fish Bar and Restaurant by Scottish potato farmer Kenneth Trainer.

Even our ice-cream is made in-house, using a traditional Italian recipe with fresh Scottish milk and cream.

So, whether you’re eating in our harbour-front restaurant or taking your meal away, you’re guaranteed the freshest food prepared with a passion for quality – and an experience you’ll want to savour again and again.

Fresh Facts

We visit the fish market daily and only buy the ‘top of the shot – a fishing industry term for the most recently caught, premium fish.

Our family often enjoy sailing into the Firth of Forth to catch mackerel on rod and line. Naturally, these tasty and very nutritious fish end up on our menu the same day!