Our Ice-Cream

Anstruther Fish Bar and Restaurant isn’t just famous for its award-winning fresh seafood. Our Brattesani’s ice cream is made in-house every day, using the freshest Scottish milk and cream.

A century-old Italian recipe gives our ice cream the distinctive flavour which has made it a favourite with locals and visitors.

And, while the traditional vanilla cone remains our best-seller, there’s a huge range of other fresh flavours to choose from.

We produce artisan ice cream from a list of over 70 different flavours, with 18 varieties on sale at any one time – from the familiar strawberry to more exotic treats such as Scottish tablet or even chilli chocolate.

The Brattesani name has been bringing ice cream connoisseurs to Anstruther since 1919, when Giovanni Brattesani opened his first gelato shop on Shore Street.

While the much-loved recipe remains the same, the advent of new technology means you can enjoy this traditional treat – freshly made, all year round.

We’re always on the lookout for new ideas, so if you have a dreamy flavour in mind, let us know and we’ll consider adding it to our repertoire.

Fresh Facts

No-one’s really sure why an ice cream cone with a chocolate flake is known as a ’99’.

The world’s tallest ice cream cone was made in Norway in July 2015 and measured 3.08 metres (more than 10 feet).